BIM for Clients

Do you wonder as a client or an asset manager, if you ever have to deal with the BIM topic? Or is this not just a matter of your contractors, planners, who are liable to provide a successful work for an agreed fee?

On the other hand, all published studies show the great potential of BIM, and points out the owner, especially owner-occupiers as the primary beneficiary. The main advantages are :

  • Visualizations enables a better understanding of the proposed designs
  • The use of BIM has a positive influence on completion dates
  • The use of BIM has a positive influence on construction costs, which can be reduced with an integrated project management with BIM
  • Execution problems, caused by design errors and lack of coordination between the project stakeholders, can be dramatically reduced
  • Analysis and simulation of the design using BIM improves design quality and ensures the requirements of the client are met
The fundamental requirement for achieving these benefits as a client, is consciously dealing with BIM – and anchoring the crucial BIM goals of client in drafting contracts with planners, executors and facility managers. For this, you must neither be able to plan with BIM, nor master BIM software. However, you should be familiar to the basic knowledge of the methodology, to be able to ask the right questions and needs, and then to evaluate the answers and results. AEC3, with their many years of experience, supports in positioning you in this important topic, developing the right strategies and advantageously utilizing BIM for you.

What could be done for you? AEC3 offers the following packages and always points out its independence from software producers, execution companies and design offices, and our recommendations will never be dependent with respect to these considerations :

Package 1 - BIM Workshop

To establish a strong foundation to position your company into BIM, AEC3 offers a workshop to provide the exact knowledge.
The questions to be dealt with are :

  • What is BIM?
  • What is BIM in general and for clients in particular?
  • What differentiates BIM from the previous project management approaches?
  • Which benefits can be realized with BIM?
  • How is BIM implemented?
  • How is the state of implementation, both nationally and internationally?
  • How should BIM be contractually bonded, does it cost more?
  • Which legal, organizational and technical requirements arise from BIM implementation in a project?
  • Which models, tools and interfaces are available?
  • How do BIM models function?
  • How is the relationship between creation and utilization costs?
  • Which BIM software is available on the market, should clients use their own software?
  • What do BIM interfaces provide, can especially public owners invite for software neutral tenders?
Duration : 1/2 day to 2 day (depending on the specific scope and previous knowledge)
Target audience : management, project management
Do you have questions or would you be interested in this package? Write to us :

Package 2 - Strategy for the Introduction of BIM in the Company

You already have some idea of how to use world of BIM for you (see also Package 1), now you would like to be more specific and make plans about the organization of the next steps. For this, AEC3 offers to develop a BIM implementation strategy for your company together with you, while doing so also keeping an eye on the four essential components of implementation (People, Processes, Methods and Technology).
The essential steps for the introduction of BIM are :

  • Analysis of the BIM goals compared to the AS-IS situation of the company
  • Determining the main BIM goals in coordination with business processes
  • With this, potentials of BIM and expected shortcomings are derived
  • Creating acceptance among employees, identification of BIM Champions
  • Planning training needs, if applicable necessary software and required resources
  • Implementation of the first BIM goal, piloting and validation
  • Developing the necessary structures and capacities
  • Introduction to necessary new software, execution of training sessions if needed
  • Setting up a pilot project, professional consultancy in determining the components of contracts and scope of services regarding BIM for the planners
  • Monitoring and validation of the results of the pilot project
  • Advancement of the BIM Strategy
  • Extension of the BIM goals based on the experience from the pilot project
  • Recommendations for the next steps for further development of BIM Strategy
Duration : according to demand (if applicable necessary software training with partners, in which essentially BIM review and checking tools are considered, also contractual advice by legal partners)
Target audience : management, project management
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Package 3 - BIM Execution Plan for a Construction Project

You have the basic principles already acquired (see package 1), have a BIM strategy and defined your customized BIM goals, and possibly tested on a pilot project (see package 2). Now you would like to implement a new building or renovation project with BIM and therefore you need a BIM Project Execution Plan. AEC3 helps you to create this specifically for your BIM goals in this particular project and accompanies you in its implementation in the project.
The BIM project execution plan replaces so far used common CAD guidelines and includes among other things :

  • The specific BIM goals for this project
  • Commissioned BIM uses in the project according to these
  • The respective roles and responsibilities of the project participants
  • Design coordination and revision control with the support of BIM
  • Data transfer of BIM models (when, which scope, which format)
  • Requirements for the software and project platform
  • Quality management of BIM services and their acceptance criteria
Duration : according to demand
Target audience : project management
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