Implementing IFC

As an independent consulting firm AEC3 has been devoted to the openBIM data format IFC for over ten years. Within the context of buildingSMART International we're not only directly involved in the defining of the IFC data format but also in the software interface certifying process as part of buildingSMART's quality control. This gives us an excellent starting point to support you within your endeavour. We will advice you and give you some training. We can also develop the first prototypes for you, monitor your projects' milestones or coordinate your development in a leading role. We put together some packages for you dealing with the different aspects of implementing IFC. See below :

Package 1 - Developing possible usage scenarios :

As a software developer you might not know exactly yet if BIM could be integrated into your scope usefully. You might not be aware which data exchange scenarios are possible today already or which could be interesting in the future. Then you should do a feasibility study with us. Among the first steps are :

  • General introduction to the topic BIM and the openBIM data format IFC
  • Which IFC versions are available?
  • Where is the IFC format being deployed successfully already?
  • Which specifications are important for implementing IFC?
  • Analysis of your planning processes
  • Placing your application in the BIM based planning process
  • Rough description of the data that is to be imported via BIM
  • Rough description of the working results that can be exchanged with other planning participants via BIM
  • Putting together and evaluating possible usage scenarios
  • Task-oriented list of import and export scenarios
  • Mapping of official Model View Definitions
  • Assessing the implementation efforts and laying out possible next steps
Extent : Presentation: 0,5 days, workshop 0,5 -1 day, documentation + final presentation 0,5 - 1 day
Target Group : product manager, software architects
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Package 2 - Practical introduction to implementing IFC :

If you happen to have questions about implementing your usage scenarios, then you can learn all the basics here to develop the first prototypes yourself. Alongside the introduction to the technical IFC specifications the aim of this package is to be able to use a suitable IFC toolbox. The course is set up as follows :

  • Introduction to the IFC specifications
  • Learning the formal basics: The IFC EXPRESS schema and additional definitions
  • Using the IFC documentation - where do I find the relevant information?
  • The SPF format for storing and the exchange of IFC data
  • Optional : Introduction to ifcXML
  • Pros & Cons
  • Sketching the alternative scenarios
  • Usage of an IFC toolbox
  • An overview over possible toolboxes
  • Setting up a test environment
  • Sample implementation
Extent : Overall duration 1 day
Target Group : Software developer
Do you have questions or would you be interested in this package? Write to us :

Package 3 - Specification, Quality Control and Preparing the certification :

We will support you planning your implementation endeavour. The focus of the support will be the documentation of the implementation, the quality control on the basis of unit tests as well as the preparation of the official certification. We will demonstrate how you can subdivide your project into reusable parts following existing IFC structures and how you can accelerate the implementing process. It will be the aim to structure your project in such a way that it will be finished successfully within the given temporal and financial frame.

  • Introduction to the mvdXML format
  • Using mvdXML for documenting and setting up technical specifications
  • The aspect of reusability
  • Additional filter and validating services on the basis of mvdXML
  • Setting-up basic tests for the internal quality control
  • General approach
  • Help with the choice and setting up of suitable basic tests
  • Differentiation between import and export tests
  • Roundtrip scenarios
  • The Certification process
  • Introduction to the official buildingSMART certification
  • Certifying procedure and introduction to the general certification process
Extent : dependent on your project
Target Group : project manager, quality control
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Package 4 - Developing a prototype :

If you would like to take your decisions on your future BIM strategy together with your customers and software architects based on functional prototypes will develop software prototypes for you as well. We will chose a solution as simple as possible in order to be able to see the wanted additional value on the basis of real project data. You will define the goals and supply the relevant test data if necessary. We will provide you with an assessment of your endeavour and suitable prototypes based on your requirements for future studies.

Extent : dependent on your project
Target Group : product manager, marketing
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