1997 - Idea born by the individual consultants Jeff Wix, Jim Forester and Thomas Liebich to join for international activities.

1998 - First collaboration projects in Singapore and the Philippines on a joint project basis. In June, AEC3 Ltd is established (btw. the "3" in AEC3 stands for the 3 "C's" in "Consultants Collaborative Consortium". AEC3 Ltd starts its first EU project ISTforCE.

2001 - Award of the ePlanchecking project in Singapore.

2002 - Two EU projects, ICCI and prodAEC strenghten AEC3's R&D capabilities, national project iCSS (Germany) and Ifc-mBomb (UK) are undertaken by the company founders.

2004 - Jim Forester leaves AEC3 to work on product development at Newforma. Work commences on the IFC for GIS (IFG) project with Staatens Be.

2005 - Nick Nisbet to join AEC3. Ongoing work in Norway, award of inteligrid contract for ontologies.

2006 - Jeffrey Wix Consulting Ltd changed to AEC3 UK Ltd, and Thomas Liebich Consulting changed to AEC3 Deutschland GmbH.

since 2006 until now - AEC3 Ltd continues to provide the joint venture for working together on international projects.

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