Nicholas Nisbet

Nicholas Nisbet is an architect who studied at Cambridge and North London. he worked for EdCaad, the Edinburgh University research group that pioneered CAD in the housing design sector, Diamond Redfern Partnership and GMW Partnership where he innovated in the area of visualisation of architectural designs based on production information.
He leads work on software development in AEC3 working particularly with IFC applications based on model server databases, XML/XSL developments focussed on the XML Schema Development (XSD) standard and CAD implementations.
He leads work on XML development within buildingSMART and was a key contributor to the recently published BS1192:2007 standard for managing CAD/BIM information. He also developed the SMARTcodes method for marking up building regulations used in current US developments.

Jeffrey Wix  2009

Jeffrey Wix was an engineer with extensive experience on development of integrated ICT solutions for the building construction industry. He focused on development and use of information development strategies for industry and government. He led development of the IFC 2x Model, and was a member of the buildingSMART Model Support Group. He also led work on defining the connection between building construction and GIS through the IFC for GIS project. He participated in various UK national projects on product libraries, e-Safety and public health. He was a member of the core team that developed the ISO 12006-3 standard on dictionaries for construction products and services and was the original author of the Information Delivery Manual (IDM) which specifies the delivery of project data for specific business processes. In 2006, he received a recognition award from the US National Institute for Building Sciences for his contribution to the development of IFC and related technologies.
He died on Saturday, 4th of July 2009.

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