Our Company

AEC3 is an international consulting firm that combines a range of capabilities with global expertise to resolve information needs and deliver strategic solutions to industry. AEC3 works with developers, building owners, contractors, consultants, manufacturers, software vendors and academic institutions to fit information technologies to needs. Current key project developments include automated building code checking, product library support and construction information integration.

AEC3 has worked on several European projects including InPro, SWOP and STAND_INN and has contributed to e-Construct. Through this work the company has developed significant capabilities for building construction related ICT on European level. The company has also successfully utilized this knowledge for industrial consulting work on international scale, including work in various European, US and Asian countries. AEC3 is the leading figure for the development of the IFC (ISO/PAS 16739) standard and active in other ISO, CEN and national standardization groups.

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