Business Process

Business Process Improvement

AEC3 has extensive experience in process improvement. This ranges from industry wide projects such as the development of the Process Matrix to redefining specific business processes for individual companies.

We work closely with organizations and groups to :

  • understand how current business processes work
  • define a vision of what for what is to be achieved
  • design new processes to meet the vision
  • analyze gaps between proposed and current processes
  • develop strategies to meet the gaps
  • estimate the cost of implementing the strategy
  • assess the benefits that will result
Process improvement is based on extensive interaction with stakeholders. This includes working with stakeholders in development workshops and ensuring that they can work with and review the results of the methods that are applied.

AEC3 use a range of tools and techniques to develop process maps that are used to describe improvements. These range from simple flow charts to specially designed process mapping methods such as IDEF0, UML use case and activity modeling or Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN).

Process improvement projects that AEC3 has worked on include :
  • Defining AS-IS and TO-BE processes for planning, design and management of roads infrastructure in a World Bank funded project for the Republic of the Philippines
  • Creating an improved move management process for major organizations adopted by US Army, Public Works Canada and leading property owners.
  • Establishing an approach to the specification of standardized reference processes that could be applied to improving project planning
  • Developing the "Information Delivery Manual"; an approach to unifying process map development with the data that supports process execution
  • Re-engineering the engineering maintenance Helpdesk process for a major UK bank
  • Process re-engineering including process modeling of the AS-IS and TO-BE processes for web-based electronic publications of building portfolios for Heinze GmbH, Germany

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Generic enterprise model originally developed for road information management example of IDEF0 process map for engineering maintenance

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