Industry Foundation Classes

We are the leading experts in developing and deploying IFC based data integration and communication solutions, including the adaptation of IFC for particular needs in projects and for IFC/ifcXML software customization.

Areas for our IFC development and implementation are amongst others Structural Information Modelling and Facility Management.

Structural Information Modelling

The structural engineering domain is not often discussed when talking about BIM-based working and IFC. It may seem that it is not as attractive as other domains such as Architecture, HVAC or Facilities Management. So it may come as a surprise to find that structural engineering has a long tradition in IFC development.

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Facility Management

The transfer of information from the design team and the contractor to the owner/occupier is often problematic. Information is frequently delivered late, unstructured, and un-indexed, whether in physical or electronic chaos. Little information is provided in a useable form.

AEC3 has worked to address this problem by providing both strategic support and project specific implementation for process improvement within the construction and asset management, particularly using data exchange based on publically shared standards. AEC3 has extensive experience in specifying and implementing data exchange using XML, ifcXML and IFC (STEP).

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