Test Drive On-line Code Compliance Checking

AEC3 joined with colleagues to demonstrate progress in the development of SMARTcodes at the recent annual conference in Reno, Nevada of the International Code Council, who are "well on their way to achieving the goal of making instant code checking possible in the United States".
A video of the presentation to the ICC members is available for download and viewing from the SMARTcodes web site at www.SMARTcodes.org. In addition to the video, a live test-drive is available from the web site. This allows any of several test buildings to be checked for compliance to the ICC International Energy Conservation Code (IECC2006) . Each building can be re-located to one of several cities throughout the United States and the impact of the location on compliance assessed (for instance, a building in Alaska has very different energy code compliance requirements to the same building located in Florida). Compliance checks can be carried out using an online version of the Solibri software application or using the AEC3 Xabio web-basedtest-bed.

AEC3-XABIO can check a whole regulation or an individual clause, but it first checks that the clauses do actually apply. Every issue discovered is reported, linked to the building model and the clause of the regulation. A full explanation is generated, starting with the final test that decided the issue, and tracing this back to all the other assessments made. It entirely web-based: the Apache Tomcat web server is used to harness the EXPRESS Data Manager database, and the Octaga 3D viewer to highlight the building elements at issue.

SMARTcodes allows Regulatory officials to mark up their regulations electronically so that the document can be read by an automatic code compliance checking engine. All regulations combine requirements with exceptions and applicability Any checking engine can use the logical structure and the testable concepts found to conduct a dialogue with an applicant or with a buildingSMART building model of the proposal.
This dramatically reduces the time and effort needed to capture the regulations and the time to determine compliance.

SMARTcodes and AEC3-XABIO work together by sharing a dictionary of testable concepts which are being defined both in plain language and in buildingSMART terms.

For further information about the ICC and SMARTcodes, see www.iccsafe.org and www.SMARTcodes.org
For further information about the Solibri aplication, see www.solibri.fi
For further information about the EXPRESS Data Manager database, see www.epmtech.jotne.com
For further information about the Octaga viewer, see www.octaga.com


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