InPro is an Integrated Project co-financed by the European Commission focusing on Information and Processes within the early design phases of construction projects. It is set to achieve the development and deployment of an Open Information Environment that enables the various stakeholders in early design to collaborate based on the building information modeling principle. AEC3 has been chosen as full partner in the project in recognition of its outstanding competence in specifying and developing buildingSMART interoperable solutions and its longtime experience in driving industry standardization.

Project overview

InPro stands for "Information" and "Processes" which links the name to the main focus of the research work. The project draws on a budget of 13 million Euros, whereof 7.5 million Euros are funded by the European Commission within the 6th Framework Program for Research and Development.

An Open Information Environment will be the main achievement of the project. Based on existing as well as innovative Information and Communications Technology (ICT) applications, an advanced system of integrated design and analysis processes and decision-support will facilitate collaboration on all levels. Always the full pyramid for change management,

  • corporate culture > organisational structures > processes > methods > tools
is taken into consideration. InPro supports openness on all levels, focussing on new business concepts, optimizing design processes, process support by technology, best software tools and IT environment. Standardization plays a major role in achieving openness. InPro builds upon the achievements of the International Alliance of Interoperability IAI establishing the IFC standard for Building Information Models. InPro supports the buildingSMART initiative and will contribute to its further development, implementation and user support.

Project consortium

20 European partners representing both industry and research are integrated into InPro. The consortium embraces the whole construction value chain from building owners and architects, to construction companies and facility managers. It also includes a number of European research organisations in the field of construction, industrial processes and ICT as well as leading software developers. InPro can, in fact, be considered a pioneering trans-national project in this sector which connects multidisciplinary know-how, outstanding reputation and extensive funds.

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AEC3 role in the project

Main contributions by AEC3 include the specification of the neutral information structures serving as the underlying schema for the Open Information Environment. The information structures will be based upon the IFC standard and extended for dedicated support of the early design phases. AEC3 will also overlook the specification developement of the OPEN ICT Platform, working with the companies Oracle, Graphisoft, Olaf Granlund, and TNO. Thomas Liebich from AEC3 is the standardization manager of InPro and being responsible to bring InPro requirements and achievements forward into formal and industry standardization.

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project breakdown

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