Building Codes & Regulations

The vision of automatically checking building plans against codes and regulations is as old as the first time anyone in the construction industry prepared a computer aided drawing during the 1970ís. During the first wave of excitement over artificial intelligence in the 1980ís, the first efforts at creating expert systems for building codes were made. In the 1990ís, the first working capabilities appeared. Unfortunately, these were expensive to create, locked to particular systems and ultimately, not maintainable.

It wasnít until the first decade of the 21st century that a new generation of software technology and standards came together to offer electronic submission of building information and automated checking to ensure that it met building and planning codes and other regulations requirements.

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Business Process

AEC3 has extensive experience in process improvement. This ranges from industry wide projects such as the development of the Process Matrix, through the definition of new methods for capturing collaborative processes for construction projects to defining current and future business processes for individual companies, and assessing their impact and cost.

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Information Delivery

AEC3 maintains a strong focus on the practical delivery of information throughout the building lifecycle. This ranges from developing new and innovative approaches to using project lifecycle models, through improving performance by mapping business processes, to working with clients to assist their development of information delivery and quality methods.

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