BimServices - Command-line utilities for BIM

AEC3 developed the BimSevices suite of command line utilities using the TNO IfcEngine for the United States Army Corps of Engineers ERDC. It is freely distributable for use (but not commercial exploitation) . The tools are offered with no warranty or support, but comments are welcome. Please contact the author , especially if you would like to be notified of any enhancements, issues or new configuration files.

The suite includes:

  • Transform1 : to interoperate between IFC, ifcXML and other representations such as COBIE2 and HTML. Configured using XSLT files.
  • Filter1 : to reduce an IFC model by filtering out selected objects and relationships.
  • Compare1 : to compare tow IFC models from the project downwards.
  • Compliance1 : to check an IFC model for compliance against a regulation or requirements. Configured using IFC Constraint models, and user specific dictionaries.
Download Zip of Windows Installer for BimServices (1700 KB). Last updated 2010-03-07.

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